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ACON ELECTRONICS LIMITED is a professional electronic parts, components, distributor, connectors, semiconductors, integrated circuits, IC, resistors, capacitors, inductors, embedded, relays, switches, optoelectronics, sensors, transistors, diodes, microcontrollers supplier. Equipped with a large number of long-term cash, fast delivery, the price advantage, after pre-sales, responsible for services! Main products: all kinds of plastic, ceramic-line, iron metal cap, high-frequency field-effect tube, patch, four, four-party pills brand module ... there is ADI, BB, PMI, LT, MAX, XILINX, PHILIPS , NSC, HARRIS, INTERSIL, MOTOROLA, such as the world’s brand-name manufacturers. We are particularly for military supplies, heavy industry level, less partial, production, a shortage of IC products that integrate a variety of channels advantage.

Since the founding of the company since 2000 for customers with integrity, credibility and a wealth of marketing experience and a wide range of supply channels to obtain the trust of customers and strong support. We are now in fierce IC market through the efforts of all staff, product innovation and after-sales service, in the spirit of "genuine, mutual benefit and common development" purposes, for the old and new customers with the most direct source.

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